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AGuard Counter-Strike 1.6 (GoldSrc) Anticheat

AGuard is a server-side anti-cheat system for Counter-Strike 1.6 (GoldSrc). Originally developed as a private project for our old clan and massacre GoldSrc servers (Addictive Gaming). After nearly 7 years of inactivity and clan death, we decided to publish the project to the open Internet world. We're planning also to further develop it's features and introduce new detection methods to keep the good old GoldSrc servers alive and cheat-free.

Anticheat's main features include:
  • Wallhack blocking
  • ESP blocking
  • Aimbot blocking/detection
  • Rapidfire detection
  • Spinhack detection
  • Speedhack detection
  • Cheating-Death emulation (detecting CD hacks by CD emulation, not by alias scanning)
  • Cvar enforcement
  • Client-file enforcer
  • Client-file hash detection (OpenGL and subcheats detection by checking client files hashes)
  • Rapid name change detection
  • WalkGuard system (including Jump-through-ceiling bug detection)
  • Chat and nick spam detection
  • In-game crash and bug fixes
  • Update checker
  • Multilingual support

With the new Cheating-Death emulation feature, we introduce a brand new feature to the open Internet anticheat world - a global banlist system. To ensure safety all the bans received by the servers, running AGuard, will be checked by our moderation team.

The list goes on. It also provides an AMXBANS support and a logging functionality.

For more information about the features and how to install the anticheat see the online documentation

You can download the anticheat system from here.

If you find any bugs - feel free to post them in our bugtracker
Current versions
AGuard - 1.6
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