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The whole story began about 10 years ago, when a new Bulgarian clan was formed (Addictive Gaming). Two of the clan members (nqkaF and z3f1r40) paid to their ISP for a Counter-Strike server, which was later freely contributed to them as a sponsorship. Because of the increased number of cheats at that time, there were a lot of them trying to enter into the server. So 3 months of coding and testing were needed for AGuard (Addictive Gaming Guard) to be released and be pushed to the server to protect from cheaters.

As everyone of us know that every good thing comes to an end, the server's fate was the same. In september of 2010, SpooK (nqkaF) left the crew. The server was shutted a month after. So the sources of AGuard left deeply in SpooK's hard drive.

After freeing some space, 5 years later, he found out that he still keeps those sources and decided to try take the development of AGuard again, however this time - as a public project. And here we go - NMSoft, the home of AGuard project ...

In the future, NMSoft will continue to develop AGuard as well as other private projects that are going to become public.

Make sure to drop by the forums and say hello!
Posted by SpooK on Wednesday 09 September 2015 - 21:50:03 | Add/Read Comments: 2

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