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AGuard public beta released !
Moderators: SpooK
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Sun Aug 14 2016, 09:18am
Main AGuard developer

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The day has come !

For over a half year AGuard dev has been on hold, mainly due to my lack of time, which I am sorry about.

But anyway, after that long waiting , AGuard 1.1 public beta is finally released!

We know that (probably) we have a lot more to achieve, but we will work hard to fight those damn cheaters with the help of you guys (we hope).

Since the very first release of AGuard a lot of things have happended and a lot of things have changed thanks to all the members that took place in the beta testing of the anticheat. Most of their names are written in our 'credits' section in AGuard documentation page. BIG THANKS TO ALL OF THEM !

Second - we know that its a big minus that we dont support third-party builds like reHLDS for now, BUT we are willing to do that in the future with the help of you guys (especially for finding the correct signatures for hooking core functions needed by the anticheat).

Have in mind that 1.1 is a beta release, which means that it still can have minor bugs, but we are waiting for your feedback in order to fix them in the next releases. If you are experiencing a bug - post it in our bugtracker.

And the last thing - AGuard is FREE and will always BE !

Before installing 1.1, please take a look at the release notes:

Added italian, romanian, serbian, russian and polish translations
Added two 'special hashes' to Check_ClientFiles

Improved drop client message parser
Improved invalid license message

Fixed bug with Check_Files skipping check for client files
Fixed engine crash with 'ag_hashfile' function
Fixed bug with Check_ClientFiles failing to detect cheat in rare cases due to hash corruption
Fixed walk/fall jump sound bug in block soundhack module

Minor block wallhack optimizations

The full changelog can be found in AGuard's installation directory.

AND FINALLY - Some statistics (excluding SDKs)
  • Source Files - 102
  • Directories - 11
  • Lines of Code (LOC) - 28281
  • Blank Lines of Code (BLOC) - 4316
  • Physical Executable Lines of Code (SLOC-P) - 20694
  • Logical Executable Lines of Code (SLOC-L) - 10776
  • McCabe VG Complexity (MVG) - 2646
  • Code and Comment Lines of Code (C&SLOC) - 1164
  • Comment Only Lines of Code (CLOC) - 3271
  • Commentary Words (CWORD) - 20389
  • Header Comment Lines of Code (HCLOC) - 615
  • Header Commentary Words (HCWORD) - 4484

Nice day to all of you,
/ SpooK

[ Edited Sun Aug 21 2016, 05:27pm ]
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Sun Aug 14 2016, 12:30pm
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M8, thank you. You are awesome
PS. Let's test!
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Sat Oct 01 2016, 06:11am
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Joined: Sat Oct 01 2016, 06:01am
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Thank you for your hard work. Finally, some hope about a good server-side anti cheat system for Counter Strike 1.6

EDIT: For some reason, after installing this anti cheat system in my server, my client game gets stuck in "Precaching resources" stage. No matter how long I wait, it doesn't complete that stage. So I gave up using this plugin.

SERVER UPDATE: I just came to know about the ReHLDS open source project, a re-engineered version of HLDS which fixes many bugs left by Valve Steam's last HLDS official realease. I installed it and working well so far. It also have several metamod based server-side anti cheat plugins. I installed them in my server and they seem to work. Let's see..

CLIENT UPDATE: They also have a client performance and bug fixes project called ReDLL, which replaces mp.dll in the game folder. A simple google search will give you all the links.

*both these projects already have Windows and Linux support. They say the Linux version is a bit unstable right now. They are always trying to make updates to make it stable as possible. Maybe MacOS support will be included in the future, but I'm not sure about that.

[ Edited Mon Oct 03 2016, 03:27am ]
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